Quality Policy

ROYMAPLAST S.L® Quality Policy, elaborated and approved by the Management, is defined as follows:

The Management of ROYMAPLAST®, a company dedicated to the manufacture, installation, repair and supply of technical plastics, approaches Quality as a system to economically produce goods and services that meet and exceed the requirements, expectations and needs of the Customer.

ROYMAPLAST® stands out for its wide experience in the sector as well as for the personalized attention it offers to customers, so that it adapts to their requirements.

To achieve an effective implementation ROYMAPLAST® puts all the effort required, with the participation of all resources, both human and technical, as well as all departments of ROYMAPLAST®.
Due to the present and key importance for the future, Management declares Quality as a priority strategic objective since:

  • Quality and its improvement is the responsibility of everyone at ROYMAPLAST®, starting with Management.
  • Quality is a key aspect of competitiveness and, therefore, of survival.
  • Quality is obtained not by inspecting, but by planning, executing and reviewing the system. The purpose to be achieved will be, therefore, to prevent and not to correct.
  • ROYMAPLAST® Management, in accordance with the above, bases the achievement of the Quality objectives on the following principles:
  • Quality means doing things right the first time, aiming for "zero defects".
  • Quality and its improvement are supported by a plan of Continuous Improvement of the Management System, in which preventing errors is a fundamental aspect.
  • Quality implies a continuous improvement of the effectiveness of the Management System.
  • Quality is oriented towards the fulfillment of all requirements; legal, regulatory and those of our customers through the efforts of the entire organization.
  • Quality and its permanent improvement require the effort of all the people, therefore, Management will dedicate the necessary resources so that, through training, the quality objectives can be achieved.
  • Quality leads us to pay maximum attention to the technological evolution and to the possible improvements that new technologies put within our reach.
  • Quality requires the participation and collaboration of everyone, so it is essential to take into account motivation, training and communication.

For the effective application of these principles, it is absolutely necessary that they be supported by the management team and the entire workforce, as well as by suppliers and customers.

Based on this Policy and on an annual basis, Management reviews and approves the objectives for the organization, in order to establish the organization's lines of improvement for that period. These objectives are reviewed periodically; likewise, the Quality Policy is reviewed to verify whether it is appropriate to the context and purpose of the organization, and whether it supports its strategic direction.

The Quality Policy is made public for the personnel working in the company, providing the necessary means so that it is understood, understood and implemented. It is also available to all interested parties.

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