High Density Polyethylene Applications

The applications of HDPE are aimed at the packaging, packing, electrical, automotive and other industries.

These applications are a consequence of its properties as a low-cost, non-toxic (a very important characteristic in the packaging industry and domestic uses), non-conductive and resistant material.

Packaging is a container whose main function is to protect the product and provide support for its transport.
High density polyethylene packaging is used due to its light weight, transparency, resistance to breakage, manageability, safety in use and, fundamentally, its versatility in terms of design innovations. Bottles, containers and jars can be found in the packaging sector.

Among the products that are packaged in HDPE are mainly those of daily consumption, both household cleaning products and foodstuffs, as well as industrial products.
In the containers for cleaning products, detergents, cleaners, liquid soaps, shampoo and many more can be stored, as HDPE is completely inert due to its chemical properties. Generally the most commonly used sizes are 1 and 2 litres; the empty weight of the container is between 75 and 160 gr.

In the food industry, there are many different types, sizes and styles of packaging, so varied that they meet all consumer requirements. They can be used to store dairy products in general, water, oil and many other products.

It has applications in many industrial sectors, such as pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. They can store adhesives, fuels, chemical detergents, fertilisers, mineral oils, vegetable oils, chemicals, paints, inks, cleaning products, preserves, soap powder, alcohols, waxes and many more.

Packaging is a container or envelope with characteristics of flexibility and ease of folding. The physicochemical properties of HDPE make it a flexible, transparent, resistant and chemically inert material, making it one of the best alternatives among the synthetic materials used for the manufacture of packaging.

Packaging is used to protect the product to be wrapped from contamination, as well as to display the product, as it has good optical properties such as gloss and transparency, but can also be pigmented in colours and printed according to requirements. Applications found in the packaging sector are: bags, packaging and coatings of other materials.