Laboratory Furniture

Laboratory furniture made of polypropylene, PVC, polyethylene and other special plastics.

Roymaplast S.L. is a company specialised in the manufacture of all types of laboratory furniture and accessories for ventilation, extraction, filters, etc.

Among the furniture for laboratories, we manufacture:

  • Sinks with worktop.
  • Piletas, Pilas or Pozos.
  • Draining of flasks.
  • Worktops.
  • Furniture with storage space, drawer units, shelves.
  • Wall-mounted and central extraction hoods.
  • Suction fume cupboards.

We are manufacturers, so we adapt to the particular needs of each client, both in terms of measurements and shapes.

We also offer different colours in polypropylene:

RAL 7032 Beige - RAL 7035 Grey - RAL 9010 White - RAL 9005 Black

If you have any queries please contact us

telephone: 925 545 433